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Quest 2 the MPC2000XL ( Part 1 )

During the late summer of 2017 I was engulfed in a month long creative block, with absolutely no end in sight. I’d tried everything, booze, class a drugs, meditation, fasting, working in a cafe, working at a cafe. Nothing could shake the feeling everything I’ve ever made and will make is total shit, not even worthy of a free Soundcloud DL, or a “got any tunes for a free comp we’re putting out my g?”

I decided, in a mania I needed to buy a MPC2000XL, surely the answer to my creative block  was total creative restriction?

I checked the usual sites, got an idea for prices and managed to cop one on eBay for a steal. Only catch was I had to travel to Somerset to collect it. Living in south east London, I’d become accustomed to hating travelling, even the idea of schleping to East puts me off any Hackney Wick all weekend warehouse party.

With a determination to rid my creative curse I booked some overpriced unnationalised train tickets and headed west. The train journey was uneventful, apart from “fuck south western trains” etched into the frosted window of the toilet, a dedication and frustration I could empathise with, where one finds comfort in engraving, others buy samplers.

I arrived in sunny Somerset and made my way to this geezers place. Two buses later (a tip if you’re traveling, cash only on the bus around there). The house I arrived at stood aimlessly in the middle of a field, in an almost awkward solitude.

I thought little of this and arrived at the door. Moss green in colour, curtains drawn, no signs of habitation at al.

Before I had a chance to knock, the door opened. ‘Good afternoon’, naturally weirded out, my only reaction was a startled ‘hello’, his response was almost as shocked as mine, as he grunted and after a few, what felt like hours, of eyebrow twitching I was ushered in.

I walked throw a dark hallway and waded my way through the thick air, heavily hot boxed by insence sticks.

Left into the living room and It was only then the pieces of this exoteric jigsaw began to reveal itself to me.

‘300 pound yes sir please’ he said with fully locked eye contact. “Yeah, sure mate. Can I see it working first please?” He has no other equipment, no signs he was even into music. The purple walls, glass cabinets filled with porcelain snakes, cheap ornaments of angels and devils, a few black feathers knocking around, massive candles on the mantle place. The place had a massive head shop vibe.

We tested the MPC, it worked. Bus, train, uber, I’m home. Make a coffee, plug the sampler in and nothing... doesn’t work, cool.

.Part 2 coming later.

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Jay Glass Dubs

Tonal Drones and White Glows

Deconstrcuted Dub Prodcuers and DJ Jay Glass Dubs offers a paranormal report that includes Tonal drones and White glows.

Jay Glass Dubs creates deep, dark dubbed-out bass submarines in his music that swim low through the underground currents of creativity. He brings together different functions in his sounds that suit ambient listening, as well as in the club workout networks. He also transmits echoes of information in his work that suggest a higher universal language.

We contacted him and asked whether this was related to actual experiences. He sent us a conclusive report that suggests paranormal activities from alternative dimensions:

"I don't think I was more than 8 years old, and I was sitting in bed with my sister at our grandparents' house. Back then there weren't more than a couple of houses around, people would sleep with windows open et al.

The smells and the sound of the night was something we would be accustomed to after two months of excessive country life. That night everyone was away, it was around 11 and I had stayed up watching King Kong on TV while my sister was fast asleep next to me. Suddenly , a blue white buttery glow started entering the room from the open window (it was August) and slowly filling the space around the bed and my still asleep sister. The glow was followed by a very light tonal drone and almost as harmonically it entered, after it stayed for two minutes above my speechlessness and stillness, it exited the room."


Acre is a music producer from Manchester and part of a music collective ( P13 ) that explore the darker realms of Sonic club music. and offers an experience that suggest we are in a glitching matrix where perspective loses meaning and becomes useless:

I had a mad outer body experience once when I was 11. I fell into a canal and watched myself fall in. Then next thing I remember I opened my eyes and I was underwater. Floated up and my dad rescued me. It was just like I left my body and was just a point of perspective floating, watching myself. Everyone always says I was on drugs etc. Or that I hit my head. But I fell feet first, and obviously wasn’t on drugs haha. The memory is really vivid too.


Seekers International   are known best as musicians from Bristol who re-organise classic Reggae and dub into new ghost-like sculptures. Their sound lends itself to a space where time loses meaning and sounds get chopped and detuned into a whole new space >>>>>>>>>>>>>> They offered a paranormal experience. We couldn't resist:

This isnt a report per se but..

I did have an experience in this equally out-of-this-world culture/community:

I was attending a retreat in that community :) Personally I’ve only had 2 “sightings” of luminous objects in the sky, flying in odd angular paths. No clue if they were even xtra-terrestrial ofc!( INFORMATION SUBMITTED NOVEMBER 20188)


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Flashes of light and blue builders - Dj Etch

Known as the 'Cosmic B-boy', Etch rebuilds classic Jungle sounds into new outer space structures and got in touch with us to explain an experience that is strange and suspicious..

Strange ethereal things have happened my whole life, my mum is a white witch and often used to do rituals in our back garden and when the neighbours were like "wtf you doin" she'd say "fuck off norms", it was common place for chalk pentagrams to be all over the backgarden and back when she used to go on holidau me and my friends used to get shitfaced and read her witchcraft books and bug out.

 One think that partiuclarly stood out was when I was like 11/12 years old when I stayed at my nans house the night. My mum, aunties and uncle who grew up there regularly told me of ghost stories there, unspecified mist hovering at the top of the stairs, bangs in the night and one room that was shockingly cold. But this one time I was staying the night sleeping on an air bed in the front room of the house and jus shot awake at about 2am one night and i say up and I had this weird sensation like something had hit me really hard in the head, like i saw purple stars and fuzz and instead of being scared I just stood up and went and sat on the sofa and like... It wa so strange I forgot my name i forgot where I was, It was momentary amnesia and then I jus went back to sleep as if nothing happened. Thats haunted me to this day and im not very superstitious, I love folklore and the occult and stuff, but I dont BELIEVE IN IT, It's just very interesting. It really was strange.

Another thing there is a man in a blue builders hat that haunts my dreams, I don't know who he is or what he wants, hes either upfront in the dreams or he is lurking in the background, he hasnt left since I was like 7, I don't know whats going on there.


But yeah I love all this stuff, I try to convey it in my music.






Journey back in time -  Dj Crispy Bits

It was the summer of 2008 - I’d just finished my GCSE’s and launched myself into the ether at the kind of chaotic house party that only 16 year olds could organise.

Powered by unidentifiable research chemicals, plant matter and cheap tins of cider we set out on a journey through the depths of rural Cambridgeshire - to find more booze.

We left the party, stepping onto the straight and narrow - the road between Histon and Girton. 2 small suburban villages separated by a mile long track, dipping and rising above and below the horizon.

The air was still, the sky cloudless and our breath visible. Walking along the track we were wary of traffic - nothing passed.

( At this point the interview was cut short - a very strange energy entered the voice of Dj Crispy Bits and he refused to continue on the same line. I tried to re-connect but he was gone. He promised to continue the Interview at a later date ).

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