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Things from another time and place have constructed systems that we abide by in a new landscape. These functions have been placed into our way of life for millions of years. This ancient energy is transmitted through the communal mega brain and its reliance on time within space. We are therefore to abide by these in order to fufill our dreams and our quests.

On the last day of December 2018 this system was enforced as the year came to an end in a glorious low function rave event on the outskirts of Cambridge in the UK. The blue lights were in affect in a pub that resembled someone’s front living room. This created the experience of an under water challenge from a 16-bit video game experience.

The night began with phasing sounds, as a way to line up the frequencies and gather attention. When the clock striked midnight the happy hardcore was played and a pillow fight ensued. Efx were brought into the mix to saturate the sound and steady the NRG. Soon 180bpm Tech-Step drums took over and a presence of doom in the sound was mixed in. Grime and jungle beats played a part, as well as off-key slap bass in a kind of maze of melodic complexity. Vinyl Distortion was apparent even though the DJ played from a computer. One began to feel the infinite within everything and a strong sense of curved space began to play a part. This was in part thanks to the strange music and the slowing of the BPM.

As the night continued the music got weirder, and tracks began to play that sounded as though they had been lifted from Pokémon on the Nintendo. We were bleeping all over the place. Soon their came noises of something other, as if it was beaming us up into another space. The deep blue lighting created a sense of calm in all of this, but it was uncanny nevertheless. The phasing began again and it seemed as though we were coming to the end. 4 hours had passed, and it was as if new information had been uploaded into the all-connected mega brain. So long 2018-we start 2019 with a positive emptiness and a new appreciation of paranormal soundwaves. ( Tony Dex )

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Ambient Spiral rave 2 coming soon. To book an Ambient Spiral rave in your area get in contact.





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