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LEGAL INFORMATION Please contact : Reports welcome. Users visit this site at their own risk. This site does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and will assume no responsibility for the contents. Any Data transmitted to the site via Crystal is done so at the users own risk. All data sent to the site is treated as non-confidential unless otherwise stated. No contents on the Ambient Spiral website may be downloaded, copied, reproduced or distributed without the permission of the Ambient spiral Network or otherwise stated. Users of this content under the age of 16 must obtain permission from a Guardian or parent before proceeding to use this site. All the information on this site is considered Non-rave-fiction unless otherwise stated and may contain content that explores information that focus on paranromal space activity. Copyright 2018

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The contents of this wEb site may from time to time contain documents music, images information and other materials not proprietary to The Ambient Spiral Network , such as the names, tradenames, trademarks, logos or designations of third parties (including present and past clients of The Ambient Spiral network or its featured person). All such materials will be referred to as “Non-Ambient Spiral Data-source Materials.”

Non-Ambient Spiral Data-source Materials may also include from time to time Techno and rave influenced articles, raw data, coded and uncoded information, images, artwork, graphix, music, audio or other elements published in Zines, News articles, Glossy and Non-glossy magazines or other media or venues, and may include the name, tradename or trademark of the selected mediums or venue in which such materials were published. Any use whatsoever of any Non-Ambient Spiral Data-source Materials is strictly prohibited unless the prior written permission of the appropriate third parties has been secured and acknowledged.

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